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1. Jack & Trudy  VEGTER


The Vegters have mentored and trained Ecuadorians in children ministries and have coordinated construction, medical, evangelism and children’s ministry teams.  Jack teaches at the local International Christian School where he also coordinates a teacher education program.  They were instrumental in the construction of the Upper Room Church of Velasco in Quito.  Starting with 12 children, there is now a two-story building, housing a church, preschool, day school, and a feeding and tutoring program for more than 300 children.



Prior in serving in Ecuador, Jack and Trudy ministered in Bogota, Columbia, as missionary associates.  Previously, they were children’s pastors in Florida and North Carolina.  Jack has also taught in both public and Christian schools.  Prior to their marriage, Trudy served as a missionary in several countries



2. Chris & Lenee’ OAKLEY



Chris and Lenee’ will work with national churches in Central Europe.  As construction coordinators, they will help build churches, Bible schools and Teen Challenge centers in Germany, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Austria and Hungary.  They will also host building teams from the United States.



The Oakleys have been involved in local church ministry and short-term mission’s trips since 1991.  They have worked with more than 50 teams and traveled 24 countries.  They completed a 3-year term as missionary associates in Central Europe.



3. Fred & Betty HOWSARE



Fred and Betty travel throughout Asia Pacific assisting in church planting, compassion and project ministries.  They also provide funding for Asia Pacific Media Ministry and Good News Evangelism in target areas.



missions evangelism to French and Indian communities in Quebec and Ontario, Canada and also the nation of Haiti.


Associate evangelist with T.L. Os born Crusade Team for three years Missionary evangelist, Haiti Veteran missionaries to Indonesia and Malaysia.



4. Chris & Angela NELSON



Chris and Angela will be planting churches with an emphasis on youth and young adult ministry.  They will also be promoting and conducting youth ministry education with the aim of bolstering ministry to young people in existing churches.  They have a burden for the special needs of Venezuela’s hearing-impaired population.



The Nelsons served as student ministries pastors for more than five years.  They focused on youth ministry and outreach throughout the local community, and created ways to connect teenagers and young adults with local and international ministry opportunities.



5. Tim & Joyce JARVIS



Timothy and Joyce are veteran missionaries returning to western Tanzania well as the many islands in Lake Victoria.  They will be teaching in a Bible school, conducting training seminars, building tabernacles and ministering to people in the remote regions of the country.



The Jarvis’ pastured in Michigan from 1981 until their missionary appointment in 1995.  They went to Tanzania in 1997 and returned in 2001 where they worked with the Convoy of Hope International.



6. Virgilio & Marsha FORTIN



The primary ministry of Virgilio and Marsha is to hold ten crusades.  They also conduct seminars for national pastors and local church groups, and are the directors for ICI (Global University) in Honduras.



Before becoming AGWM missionaries, the Fortins were assistant and youth pastors in a church in Maine for four years.  After their appointment, they served in the Dominican Republic for two terms before transferring to Honduras.



FRIENDS FOREVER is an evangelism and media organization founded by the Reverend Dr. Mark A. Muirhead in 1995.  Friends Forever has reached thousands of people worldwide through crusades, seminars, camps, books, tapes, local evangelism projects and leadership training.  Since 2001, Friends Forever has grown into a worldwide online 24/7 missions media (radio and TV) evangelism organization with ongoing work in Jamaica.


Additionally, the half hour version of Friends Forever TV is seen weekly on community access television in eastern North Carolina (Suddenly Media).



Gina White

Current Ministry
Gina is a candidate missionary with the U.S. Missions Chi Alpha department. She is currently serving as the Chi Alpha Director at the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill.

Previous Ministry
Gina has been on staff as an associate at the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill Chi Alpha department for five years. Prior to that, she spent a year as a Campus Missionary In Training at Georgetown University, Washington, D.C.

Gina gave her life to Christ while in college at Chapel Hill and was challenged through a Chi Alpha group to grow deeper in her walk with the Lord.




Hope Mission has been blessed to be able to establish Hope Recovery Homes, a 24-month residential recovery system for men and women battling alcoholism and drug addition, who are now making a new start in lifelong recovery. Hope Mission has truly been a refuge, a strong tower, and a source of support and protection to hundreds of individuals and families during this last year, and we could not have even begun the process without the faithful and continues support of contributors like you.


Thank you, for all you can and will do for those He loves through your faithful support of Hope Mission.  God’s blessing on you and your family!



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